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Pipeless No-Plumbing Pedicure Spa Chairs - Pedicure Chair without Plumbing

How do pedicure chairs drain?

There you are, opening your salon or moving into a new space without drain pipes available in the wall or your floor.

Pedicure chairs utilize water and are either connected straight to the water system, or with a portable pedicure bowl.

You don't want to, or simply don't have the funds to invest a ton of money to remodel your pedicure room and install a floor drain?

But you still want to provide a sophisticated & luxurious seat that delivers?

Or maybe you're looking for a pedicure chair that doesn't need the help of a professional to install?

So, do pedicure chairs need plumbing?

Plumbing Free Pedicure Chairs

The short answer is, not necessarily.

If you're looking for a salon chair that doesn't require any connection to a drain, you've come to the right place!

When you think of a classic pedicure throne, you might picture one with big, bulky pipes, which will make sanitation a hassle due to all the hoses or connectors.

But there are actually chairs without pipes that can give you a pedicure! These chairs have built-in massagers and jets that can give your feet a relaxing massage. They also have comfortable seats and footrests, so you can sit back and enjoy your pedicure.

Pedicure Chairs without Pipes

So, what are  pipeless pedicure chairs?

Pedicure chairs no plumbing needed are always pipeless, and come with a removable bowl that doesn't hook up to any floor or wall drain. We have all sorts of salon chairs with spa bowls that can be filled and emptied at a sink by hand. 

Our selection of plumbing-free pedicure chairs are perfect for any who wants to enjoy offering the full benefits of a classic luxury edition pedicure salon chair. Spa or salons wanting to offer aqua massage pedicure stations with center leg support, without having to worry about plumbing or installation to connect to a water source. A variety of pedicure chairs come with built-in massage features and other luxury amenities like adjustable center leg support, reclining ergonomic cushion that supports a luxurious seat, heavy-duty round base, …

Beauty meets function and the essence a pedicure chair offers will make your clients' salon experience even more relaxing and enjoyable. Plumbing-free pedicure chairs can offer the same experience as regular pedicure chairs for sale can.

No Plumbing Pedicure Full Shiatsu Massage Chairs

Does your salon or space not have a water supply and drains located where you want to, or need to, position your salon chair?

But you still want to offer your clients the features you love, without compromising?

A spa chair no plumbing needed is a very simple concept, you just take out the specially created bowl to a sink and fill it with water.
After serving your clients, you can simply dump the gray water back into the sink and clean the bowl or replace it with a new spa bowl liner.

Thanks to plumb-free pedicure chairs, everyone can give great foot treatments in the most gorgeous and luxurious chairs, even in smaller spaces without access to a drain or water supply.

Some people might argue that you'll have even less to worry about since your pedi chair can't have any pipes leaking or jets breaking, which can be an expensive repair. Not just the money, but also the time lost having to deal with it.

Portable Spa Pedicure Chair

Portable foot spas are almost always never connected to any drains or hoses. This is because they are constructed to be super portable, to be able to take them on remote pedicure services with a mobile spa salon business. Some salon professionals would claim they are more sanitary and eco-friendly pedicure salon equipment compared to classic treatment chairs connected to a drain. This is because a drainless salon chair offers a minimalistic approach to salon hygiene. Thanks to a basin that features disposable, recyclable liners for ultra-fast clean-up your salon furniture will stay clean. These no plumbpedicure chairs also don't utilize as much water than no plumbing pedicure bowls because they easily fill from a sink without hoses or pipes.

Blog on No-Plumbing Pedicure Chairs

If you want to read more about the no-plumb pedi chairs, we wrote a blog post about the difference between truly portable pedicure spas and plumb-free pedicure chairs. Just click here to read it.


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