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Whale Spa Pure II - No Plumbing Portable Spa & Pedicure Chair

Whale Spa Pedicure Chair Pure II - No Plumbing Portable Spa w/Shiatsu Massage with Tech Stool


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Low-Base Pedicure Tech Stool & a TR03 Trolley at a discounted price!


Looking for a stylish pedicure chair but with no plumbing required? Whale Spa offers the perfect solution in the Pure II Portable massage pedicure chair. No plumbing is required. The water basin is removable and can be filled from a sink. Super easy to clean and sanitize, too. Pedicure tub includes vibration and heat. A truly portable foot spa that will save you space. The water basin casually tucks under the chair when not in use.

But don't worry, looks and options have not been forsaken. Choose from four color options, black, gray, khaki, and chocolate, to tailor the seats to match your salon décor. You can customize the base color in gloss or matte black, white, and gray. Even the wood armrests and foldable manicure tables can be customized in black or walnut.

Comfort isn't left behind either. The Pure Portable pedicure spa chair features the installed premium, full-function, commercial-grade Caresst Massage Mechanism – the next generation of massage systems. The massage unit is built on a dual-steel gear rail system, rather than conventional corkscrew designs, providing a smoother massage and a more reliable mechanism. Robust enough to provide years of reliable service, Caresst massage™ is a commercial grade, quiet, and feels great!

Other features include purse hooks, built-in power outlets, and a remote control holder. Each Pure II Portable pedicure spa chair purchase includes a beautiful, stylish matching tech stool.


  • Portable water basin with vibration and heat closes when not in use
  • Full-function, commercial-grade Caresst Massage with remote controller
  • Real wood armrests and manicure trays in black or walnut
  • Includes purse hook, built-in power outlets, remote-control holder, and matching pedicure stool
  • Made in the USA!

Specifications & Dimensions

  • Model Number: WS25
  • LEAD TIME: 14-21 days.
  • Dimensions: 29"L x 31"W x 52"H with water basin open and manicure tables lifted 56"L x 46"W x 52"H


  • Two-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty Included

Owner’s Manual


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