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Pedicure Chairs Freight Furniture Shipping

Pedicure Chairs Free Freight Furniture Shipping

We get a lot of questions about the shipping process of our pedicure chairs.
The following article will answer all your questions regarding the furniture freight shipping of your new pedicure chair!

Pedicure Chairs Free Shipping To Your Salon?

Most of our pedicure chairs are custom pedicure chairs, this means they are custom-made pedicure chairs, according to your preferences, and then shipped straight from the manufacturer to your salon. To read more about the production process and the lead time of the pedicure delivery, click here.

Your new pedicure chair can easily weigh as much as 200 LBS, and this is without the crates it is shipped in. Depending on the manufacturer, they will come in 1 to 2 or even more boxes. 

Freight Furniture Shipping - Pedicure Chairs Free Shipping -

This means pedicure chairs aren't shipped on regular UPS trucks for residential delivery. Instead, pedicure chairs shipping happens on bigger freight trucks. Once they are at the destination terminal, the freight company looks at your address on Google Maps and figures out what size truck they will need to be able to fit in your town/street and make a smooth delivery.

Usually free shipping whole pedicure spas takes about 4 to 8 business days depending on your location and the current workload the freight company is under. Covid-19 definitely has put some delays on freight shipping and parcel shipping all together has slowed down a bit.

Delivery Appointment - Call Before Delivery

Standard freight furniture shipping and our pedicure chairs free shipping is curbside delivery. This means you'll have to make sure someone is at your salon to receive the shipment and sign the BOL.

That's why we always ship with a notification call before delivery.
This is to prevent any surprises and to make sure you will be there to get the crates inside your salon.

When you fail to be present during delivery, the freight company will charge redelivery fees that we have to pass on to you. So to prevent this and to make it easier for you, they will call you ahead of the delivery so that you can choose the delivery time-frame and make sure you are there.

Freight Furniture Receiving Instructions

It is very important that you inspect the shipment carefully before signing the delivery slip.

Please follow these guidelines, which we will also e-mail to you when fulfilling your order. Share it with anyone who may be receiving your shipment. If you don't follow these instructions, you will be responsible for any freight shipping damages.

When you received your delivery, do not use a knife to open the packaging. Instead, use scissors and be careful with it as to not damage the inside.

Please count the boxes and make sure the number matches the B.O.L. or delivery slip. Carefully inspect all sides of each box looking for signs of damage, these can be scratches or dents or torn carton, anything.

You MUST write “Damage” on the freight bill when signing if you are to claim any freight damage. This is crucial! If the shipment arrives without a pallet, shrink-wrap, or straps then please note “possible concealed damage” and contact us immediately. We highly recommend taking pictures of all shipments before removing any packaging material.

Damaged and/or Missing Boxes?

Please follow the instructions below.

  1. If you see SIGNS OF DAMAGE - Sign “DAMAGED” on the freight bill, accept the entire shipment and contact us immediately.
  2.  Take pictures of all damage from two or more angles before signing.
  3. Don’t refuse, send back or throw anything away. We will need pictures to identify what is damaged to send you the correct replacement parts.
  4. Promptly email the photos to us at
  5. If there are MISSING BOXES - Note the number missing on the bill before signing. Contact us immediately to report it.
  6. Please open the boxes immediately and inspect the contents inside and out. If there are missing or damaged items, we need to know within 24 hours or you will not be protected.

Read more about receiving your order in our Shipping & Returns policy by clicking here.

Pedicure Chairs Free Freight Furniture Shipping


We’ll Keep You Up To Date

You can just forget about it.  We’ll make sure your order is moving along smoothly, and we’ll keep you up to date.

Still Have Questions?

Make sure to read our Shipping & Returns policy by clicking here.

We’re happy to help any way we can.  If you have any questions about pedicure chairs or any salon furniture, just give us a ring at 1-888-232-2861 or reach out through our contact page.


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