Big ticket items, small flexible payments

Big ticket items, small flexible payments

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It's important to have great service in your salon business, but we all know that aesthetics also play a crucial role in your salon success.

Custom made pedicure chairs are a great way to catch the eyes of your potential customers. Aside from having a pedicure salon with truly unique chairs, you also get the added benefit of having really high quality pedicure chairs that are made in North-America. 

Some used items barely lose value, such as houses which often even rise in value. This is not the case with cars or pedicure chairs. It is also much harder to estimate the value of a second-hand car or pedicure chair compared to houses. Therefore one can argue that for the purchase of a pedicure chair, it is better to go for a new one. 

Let us explain why...

PU Leather VS Faux Leather or PU Leather VS Bonded Leather

Faux leather is just another word for PU leather, and so is bonded leather but that also has some real leather trim in the mix. It's important to be able to distinguish genuine leather from artificial leather if you want to make an informed buying decision. So here are a few other terms that PU leather mean

We are aiming to provide our customers with the right information because as a salon owner, operator, and worker, hygiene is very important!

Some potential pedicure spa customers are literally typing into google: "clean pedicure spa near me". Paying attention to the cleanliness of your salon can really set you apart from your competition so that's why with this article we'd like to inform you about disinfecting pedicure foot spa equipment.