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Custom Made Pedicure Chairs

North-American Custom-Built Pedicure Chairs

It's important to have great service in your salon business, but we all know that aesthetics also play a crucial role in your salon success.

Custom made pedicure chairs are a great way to catch the eyes of your potential customers. Aside from having a pedicure salon with truly unique chairs, you also get the added benefit of having really high quality pedicure chairs that are made in North-America. 

Most of the pedicure chair brands we support are US made pedicure chairs that come in an endless array of colors, textures & materials to choose from. This means they are built-to-order, and are custom-made according to your wishes.

So technically speaking, all of our chairs are custom-made pedicure chairs.

Why should you buy locally-made pedicure chairs?

This goes a lot deeper than patriotic values. This means that your pedicure chair investment is a sustainable investment in the future of your country and the greater North-American economy. The result is that your pedicure chair will be built with superior quality and with durable & sustainable materials, by people with a passion for their craft.

Most of our manufacturers work out of North-American manufacturing plants that pay their employees fair wages. The working conditions are according to the best health & safety regulations in the world and the unions protect the right of the workers. They are able to work in a hazardless environment with adequate equipment and protection gear available. 

These correctly ventilated working spaces provide enough daylight for the craftsmen and women to go to work on your pedicure chair order. When you employ people that have a passion for their craft, that can work in a safe & sustainable manner, it automatically results in superior quality products. Rest assured that your clients will most definitely notice the difference. And in the end that’s what it’s all about, right?

How do imported pedicure chairs differ?

When buying imported goods, these often lack all the aforementioned qualities of domestic spa & salon furniture plants. Often workers are underpaid and overworked, work in unsafe working conditions, with raw materials taken from mother earth with no consideration for the environmental impact. This obviously results in loads of polluted cities and rivers, overworked humans that lead to suicides and unfortunately a worse future in general.

We can’t deny the high-influence the Asian market has on the US salon industry, though. A lot of our colleague salon owners are Vietnamese and a lot of the salon furniture is designed and made in China or Taiwan. These chairs are obviously not custom-made, so this means they can’t be modified according to your wishes.

Supporting American pedicure chairs, and US made salon furniture in general, really does help out your own business in the end. The more we all support each other and buy locally, the better off our economy will be and the more this will have a positive influence over your bottom-line. It’s a positive circle.

Buying cheap pedicure chairs = more expensive

We suggest our customers to buy local. We understand that cost is also a factor, but believe that it’s still the better choice in the long run. 

When buying pedicure chairs, you are making an investment in the future of your business. If you buy cheap pedicure chairs you’ll most probably have to buy again in a couple of years due to the cheap materials and little care by which your investment is constructed.

In contrast, if you buy a quality pedicure chair, it should definitely last for at least 5 to 10 years. When you have to buy a new pedicure chair every 2-3 years, you’ll spend more in the long run. This is even more true when you account for the time and energy it costs to purchase a new chair every few years.


So to conclude, going with custom-built pedicure chairs from our North-American manufacturers is clearly the best choice. We recommend our customers to invest for the long-term and not try to cut corners. Not only will you have the more unique & quality custom pedicure chairs in the industry, you're also supporting the North-American pedicure chair industry and your own sector. It’s totally worth it!

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