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Pedicure Stools - Nail Technician Pedistool

Nail Technician Pedistools

If you are looking for a tech stoolthat will match your beauty salon or spa’s interior, you've come to the right place.
Weoffer the best prices online for esthetician pedistools. From saddle-style pony chairs to more comfortable back supported, optional service tray pedi carts that allow you to sit on them. 
We carry the pedistool with drawer from Touch America, but TouchAmerica are not the only ones making them.
Take a look at our custom made Pibbs, DIR, Belava, Whale Spa collections.

Most of our stools are made with high-density memory foam for extra comfort, durable vinyl material, a metal footrest, and have 5 roller wheels for easy maneuvering.
Each one is meant to make your estheticians more comfortable, which will in return have them provide optimal service to your clients.
Customers can unwind while your staff, or you can focus on exercising your skills.

Our knowledgeable salon experts are always willing to go the extra mile and assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Pedistool with Drawer

The biggest difference between more general salon stools and pedistools is that a pedistool is a rolling stool with a pull-out shelf and a handy drawer for storage of your tools.
The drawer interior is often in melamine, while the exterior a dark-woodgrain laminate.
The black PVC seat cushion provides ample comfort for the technician.

All-Purpose Salon Chairs

Many of these pedi tech stools can also be used with massage tables, manicure tables, or other related products that are usually custom made to order.

The biggest difference between pedicure stools and manicure stools is the lowest height limit on them. All-purpose stools typically have the ability to lift with a hydraulic system. A lot of manicure tech chairs can also be adjusted lower for foot sessions.

Please let us know what you are after, and we will help you find it.
We're happy to create a custom quote for you so you can avoid shipping it back and shipping and handling refunds and restocking fees in case you receive your order and are not happy.

Please email us at the warehouse to let us know where your order needs to go, then we can look for the actual cost of shipping depending on the amount of lbs your custom order weighs.
Or simply place your order today, and we'll start working on it. You'll receive an order confirmation as soon as you place your order.