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Pedicure Chairs Are Made To Order According to Your Preferences

How Long Will My Pedicure Take To Arrive at My Salon?

A question we get very regularly from our customers who are looking to buy a pedicure chair is how long will it take before they receive their chair. We understand it, you have a deadline to open your salon so you want to make sure you will be receiving your furniture on time. If you have a grand spa salon opening event planned then you don't want to have any pedicure chairs available!

Unfortunately, a lot of people ask us AFTER they placed the order and when they are looking at opening in 2 or 3 weeks. This deadline can be reached, but that isn't always the case since...


Since there are countless options on most of the pedi chairs we sell, we don't have warehouses stacked with pedicure chairs in 1000 variations. If that was the case, we'd have to search through the pile of chairs to find the right one according to your custom order. So, for this reason, the pedicure chairs are made according to your preferences and built-to-order. The manufacturer will custom upholster the chair and assemble, and sometimes even paint your base if you've chosen a less popular color. They will include any options you have chosen so that it is really the chair you had in mind when placing your order.


If you do have a grand opening deadline date that you really can't afford to miss then it is important to be prepared that it can take 1 to 2 weeks and even 2 to 4 weeks for pedicure benches. So feel free to ask us for an ETA and preferably do so 4 to 6 weeks before the opening of your salon business. We’re happy to provide you with a good idea of when they will arrive.

How Long Do Pedicure Chairs Take To Make?

After you placed an order with us, we place the order with the manufacturer of the brand you ordered from. They will start building your custom pedicure chair according to all your specific wishes and upgrades. When it’s finished, they will ship it directly to you, so there is definitely no time lost there! They also check the chair for any possible defects or issues before they shop it out to your salon.

How Long Before I Will Get My Pedicure Chair Order?

Some companies are faster than others, but generally, they take about 1-2 weeks to build. The lead time for pedicure chairs can vary and be 2-4 weeks since it depends on how busy their manufacturing plant is and how large your order is. The shipping will take about 4-8 business days, depending on your location.

Usually, your order will arrive at your door within 2-3 weeks of placing your order on our store.

After you place the order with us we'll provide you with an estimated arrival time so you can make arrangements. From all the brands we are an authorized dealer for we have found that Continuum and the J&S brands are the most consistent with their lead times. They are often able to ship within a few days of starting assembly, but of course, this is not a guarantee.

The busiest season for the salon furniture industry is usually during the spring and fall. If you plan on opening or redoing your salon during those periods then be sure to plan ahead and make sure to reserve maybe one or two weeks of extra time to make sure you order arrives before the deadline! 



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