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What is a Magnetic Jet & Why Do You Need One?

What is a Magnetic Jet & Why Do You Need One?

Let’s face it, cleaning pedicure chairs after every client is no fun. It takes time and effort that you would rather use to connect with your clients, work on your social media or simply give more pedicures. But the cleanliness of your spa bowl is very important. If you don’t clean them after every session, your clients will be turned off by the state of your pedicure bowl, or even worse, may suffer an infection. What to do?

Fortunately, disposable liners were invented. These plastic liners are placed over the footbaths of pedicure chairs so that the water never touches the basin. This makes the basin easier to clean since you just have to pour the water into a sink and throw the liner away.

So what’s the catch? Of course, since the liner covers the surface of the basin, it also covers the jets used to make the whirlpool. What to do, then?

Magnetic Jets

These handy devices were specifically created to help address the issue created by disposable liners. They are designed to sit on top of the liner to create the whirlpool that your clients enjoy so much.

These jets have two components – the jet itself and the motor. Magnetic forces are not only used to connect the two parts together but also to attach them to the basin. The jet then creates the whirlpool using the built-in fan and impeller. After each use, you can easily take apart the jet for cleaning.

Magnetic jets were introduced pretty recently, but they have started to revolutionize the salon industry. Many clients have said that when they see a salon using liners and these jets, it gives them peace of mind since they don’t have to worry about any infection.

Of course, salon owners also love them since it means a shorter turnaround. The pedicure chair can be cleaned and ready to receive a new client much quicker and with less energy spent by the nail technician. 





Main Benefits of Magnetic Jets

  • Quiet Operation

One of the main complaints about the traditional pedicure chairs was that they were noisy. Pipeless pedicure chairs have addressed this problem by using only a single intake pipe to feed water into the basin. Magnetic jets are also pipeless and make for an even quieter session since their motors are designed to operate noiselessly. This creates a more soothing environment so that your clients can enjoy their pedicure without mechanical noises.

  • Internal Cooling System

Pedicure chair jets use fans to create the whirlpool. These fans can overheat if there is no proper ventilation. Magnetic jets have their own internal cooling system to prevent this problem from happening.

  • Convenient

Magnetic jets mean less cleaning and maintenance and therefore more convenience for the spa salon owner or therapist!

Why Should You Use a Magnetic Jet?

If you plan to use disposable liners, then magnetic jets are your only option for creating a whirlpool. They are not that expensive, and you will recover your investment because we all know that time is money and the quicker your foot tubs are cleaned the faster you can service a new customer. Your clients will also have peace of mind knowing that the pedicure chair is more sanitary as there are disposable liners being used. 

Most of our Pedicure & Spa Chairs are modern and pipeless and have the option for a magnetic jet and liners. Take a look for yourself on our Spa & Pedicure Collection page.


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