Big ticket items, small flexible payments

Big ticket items, small flexible payments

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Professional Hot Towel Steamers & Beauty Pro Hot Towel Steamer Kits & Cabinets

Do I really need to order a hot towel steamer?

Every customer appreciates a warm, damp, or dry cloth facial treatment.

The capacity to provide a fluffy, revitalizing cloth to satisfy clients enforcesthe image of a luxurious, upscale salon. Customers also really appreciate the simple, but nice, added extra your barber shop or massage parlor offers your clients.

A free warm, steamy, damp, or dry cloth is an absolute easy win for the difference your business makes.

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What to look for in towel steamers for sale?

A quality hot towel warmer meets many criteria.
It's sleek and beautiful to not be a torn in the eye of your spa space design.

It must obviously also always keep cloths at the ideal temperature.
The heat consistency should always be top priority, whether it's a large or smaller warmer.

This is because keeping it hot will also cost you more money.
So when your device has a window, the cool outside air cools down the

The weight of the unit will also give it different use-cases.
Depending on the material used, a light cloth warmer will be easier to move around.
The size is also important in that regard.

A big towel warmer is usually the most appropriate for high-traffic businesses, but smaller towel warmers may bring a much-needed touch of luxury to your guests' experience. We have small capacity items that contain as little as six towels to extra-large capacity devices that hold 360 hot cloths available.

Cloth heaters come with a variety of functions, including temperature control, automatic shut-off, heat to turn water into steam, and UV sterilization. The time they take to fill up, and how messy that process is, also greatly enhances the quality of the device.

What products to buy?

Obviously depends on the conditions you set for your purchase.

Dermalogic is one of the most popular & affordable brands online.
But we also carry items from DIR, TouchAmerica, Whale Spa, ...

So go ahead and browse our products and purchase today for a quick delivery!
We ship out most heater items within 1 to 3 business days.

Please contact us for more information on the top salon equipment or to get a price match or free shipping deal.

Towel steamer questions

What does a steamed towel do?

It can help revitalize and refresh customers at your beauty shop, or at home.

Can I steam towels?

Of course!

But best to use a proper towel steamer.

These hardworking machines are an essential product for offering clean esthetic services, body care, and hair & nail services.

Can you use a steamer for towels?

But you can't just use any steamer to steam cloths. Although, you could, it isn't going to be very convenient in a professional environment.

There are many models in diverse forms, sizes, colors, and prices available at

Find the perfect cloth warmer that fits both your budget and your company's requirements.