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Portable Pedicure Foot Spa & No-Plumbing Pipe-less Pedicure Spa

Truly Portable Spa Pedicure Foot Spa 

These portable and plumb-free pedicure stations can be called the world's most eco-friendly pedicure salon furniture.

It is not only easy-to-use, but also delivers a fully functional version of a pedicure tub, but usually without the pedicure chair. Enjoy all the features and benefits a regular pedicure spa chair offers, such asheavy-duty round base, reliable construction, easy sanitation, without plumbing, hoses or connectors, … But in a smaller form-factor and without the excessive electricity/water consumption.

Your clients can still fully relax and enjoy the pleasure of the feet massage features that the water in the spa bowls offer. A removable magnetic jet in the sink will offer your clients that soothing whirlpool treatment they were after.
With the help of disposable liners, or removable tubs, the technician will be able to drain the spa bowl in no-time, and keep it sanitary.

Movable foot tubs offer a minimalistic & stylish solution for people looking for a pedicure chair without the luxurious seat.

What is a portable pedicure spa?

A truly portable pedicure bowl comes with most of the features you would expect in a traditional, large pedicure unit, but without the pedicure massage chair. This gives it a smaller form-factor and makes it truly movable, but also a perfect fit for saving space in a smaller pedicure room.

Whether you need it for a poolside spa session, to provide a more mobile spa salon experience to your local retirement community? Or maybe you're just looking for the essence of a pedicure chair but without full shiatsu massage and focusing on aqua massage for your own compact pedicure studio?

The compact and lightweight design are perfect for performing professional pedicure services anywhere you go.

A high-quality lightweight spa sink is the ideal solution. 
Movable pedicure chairs utilize built-in adjustable center leg support.
This footrest will surely give your clients that pedi salon experience!

Not all plumb free pedicure spa chairs are portable chairs

Note the difference between a truly portable spa and no plumbing pedicure chairs.

A pedicure chair without plumbing is usually also much more movable than the pedicure chairs for sale that aren't. But they are still pretty heavy and bulky to move around, and you'll need several people to do so.

So essentially, not all spa pedicure chairs that are plumb-free are also mobile, but our industry kind of mixes up these terms. We wrote a bit more about the difference in our blog post: 'The Difference Between a Plumb Free Pedicure Chair & a Portable Pedicure Spa'.

What are the best man-portable pedicure chairs & stations?

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We've carefully curated a selection of sophisticated, gorgeous and luxury brands of movable salon equipment.

Beauty meets function, thanks to the hassle-free, plug, and play installation.