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Wet tables showers & wet room equipment - Vichy shower table for hydrotherapy treatments & shower massage

What is a Vichy table shower?

A shower table massage is one of the many types of massage therapy's effective treatments available for today’s spa massage salons.

This type of spa equipment involves the use of warm water jets mounted on an adjustable table. These jets are used to massage the body with a water massage to help to relieve muscle tension and stress while providing a relaxing experience.

The water can be adjusted in terms of pressure, temperature, and direction to suit the person receiving the hydrotherapy. This type of table shower spa is often used in combination with aromatherapy oils, essential oils, or other therapeutic processes such as mud, seaweed envelopment, body scrubs, peeling, envelopment, exfoliation, and others that are less ideal on a dry table.

This is thanks to the special self-drain height-adjustable wet massage tables for hydrotherapy massage therapy, with comfortable water-resistant mattresses and headrests, etc. The anatomically formed table has been molded to provide optimal comfort and relaxation. Because of its unique shape and self-draining base, it reduces water splash.

Vichy table showers can be an excellent addition to any spa experience, offering both relaxation and healing benefits for those who receive them.

Asian massage table shower

An Asian table shower massage is a form of hydrotherapy or water therapy that many Asian massage parlors offer.

This body cleansing ritual known is particularly prevalent at Korean, Thai and Japanese spas, but also some West European and American spas provide it.

It is comparable to the Vichy shower, a Scotch hose or a Swiss shower, in which water is sprayed over the body to purify skin and unclog pores prior to a massage.
The Asian table shower is commonly associated with Japanese spa treatments like Akasuri (salt scrub) and the Korean body scrub with coarse mitts to eradicate dead skin.

What happens during a Vichy shower?

This is a type of table shower therapy where the client lies down on a padded table and receives a full body massage with jets of warm water. This type of massage is typically done with five to seven shower heads that spray in a variety of directions, providing relief from sore muscles and tension. The therapist may also use exfoliating scrubs, aromatherapy oils, or mud masks during the process to help relax the patient.

The combination of pressure and warmth can also be used to alleviate stress and improve circulation. After the massage, the patient usually feels relaxed and refreshed. Vichy showers are beneficial for those who suffer from muscle pain and tension, as well as those looking for an overall feeling of relaxation.

What are the benefits of a Vichy shower room?

The benefits of a table shower sessions are numerous, including pain relief, increased relaxation, improved circulation, and reduced stress and tension. It can help reduce muscle soreness after physical activity and improve the appearance of cellulite by increasing circulation in the affected areas. Many people get a table shower to improve their sleep quality due to its calming effects. Additionally, it can be used as a form of preventative maintenance to reduce the risk of injury or illness due to poor posture or repetitive motions. A Vichy shower is an excellent way to relax and enjoy some much-needed pampering while receiving rejuvenating therapeutic benefits at the same time.

Where to buy Vichy shower table?

For an affordable wet/dry spa treatment table, the stationary wet/dry tables from combines a luxurious, upholstered top made of seamless, marine-grade vinyl with a water/mildew-resistant underside on a corrosion-resistant base. Legs are manually adjusted using spring buttons. Now includes a detachable marine-grade vinyl cover in Almond, White, Black, or Camel that covers the built-in Almond marine-grade vinyl top.