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Wet Tables & Showers

The Wet Tables were created for day spas that want to offer wet room treatments such as affusion / Vichy shower massage, relaxation treatments, mud, seaweed envelopments, scrubs, and other similar treatments. Multiple spa treatments such as Affusion / Vichy shower, massage, peeling, envelopment, exfoliation, etc. are effectively employed on special self-drain height-adjustable wet massage tables for hydrotherapy treatments with comfortable water-resistant mattresses and headrests, etc. The anatomically formed table has been molded to provide optimal comfort and relaxation. Because of its unique shape and self-draining base, it reduces water splash.

Five to seven shower heads are arranged in a row over a cushioned table in a Vichy shower. A customer rests on a cushioned table as water is sprayed on his or her body throughout the treatment. Showers are used in some of the most popular hydrotherapy (water) treatments in spas all over the globe. The Vichy shower is used in certain spas as a supplement to massages, wraps, and scrubs, while others utilize it as a stand-alone therapeutic therapy. This equipment is meticulously developed with comfort, scale, and quality in mind, and is dependably dependable and user-friendly.

For an affordable wet/dry spa treatment table, the Stationary Wet/Dry Tables from Chairs That Give combines a luxurious, upholstered top made of seamless, marine-grade vinyl with a water/mildew-resistant underside on a corrosion-resistant base. Legs are manually adjusted using spring buttons. Now includes a detachable marine-grade vinyl cover in Almond, White, Black, or Camel that covers the built-in Almond marine-grade vinyl top.