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Big ticket items, small flexible payments

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Vaporizers & Facial Steamers

The value of a comfortable atmosphere and complete equipment cannot be stressed when it comes to any type of beauty or health care service. When working with the skin and body, it's critical that each piece of equipment be reliable and durable. Choose one of the Chairs That Give's high-quality vaporizers and facial machines that is both consistent and effective. We've found the models that professional and competent technicians in a range of professions recommend. These types of equipment are regarded as essential to the services performed by everyone from estheticians in spas to dermatologists in medical settings. Dermalogic and Equipro are among the most trusted brands among professionals.

With a professional facial machine from Chairs That Give, you can provide the greatest services to your clients. With a variety of sizes and designs to select from, you're sure to find one that works for your spa, salon, or dermatological practice. These powerful devices are intended to provide rapid and effective results for each individual, ensuring that your clients receive the best outcomes possible throughout each visit. Look through this selection of face steamer machines to uncover items from some of the industry's most reputable manufacturers.

Chairs That Give's range of skincare esthetician equipment for spas and salons allow you to greet and treat your guests in a luxurious manner. Our esthetician equipment not only meets all of your client's skincare needs but also improves and enhances the services you provide.

At, you'll discover skincare equipment that you can trust, from 12-in-1 facial machines to high-frequency face machines. Through a range of industry-leading and modern technologies, our equipment encourages deep cleaning, which your clients will appreciate. Also useful to have on hand are our vaporizers and steamers. 

Whatever it is you need, we have them and we’re sure you’ll find exactly what you are looking for!