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Dermalogic Lux Skin Scanner

Dermalogic Lux DON-FCAPP-3020 Skin Scanner 

This LUX Skin Scanner is the latest in skin scanner technology. This scanner assists you in recognizing and diagnosing skin disorders. The long-wave ultraviolet light of this skin scanner illuminates the troublesome regions of the skin as distinct colors.

The operation of this Facial Scanner does not necessitate the use of a darkroom. It employs advanced black-light UV lamp technology to aid in the detection of numerous skin disorders, and when used appropriately, this technology is typically harmless for the skin and eyes. The 2X magnifying glass illuminates and magnifies the face completely. This gadget is safe for the skin and eyes and may be used by skincare facilities, face salons, or dermatologists to help in the identification of skin diseases.


  • Advanced Black-Light lamp technology to help identify various skin conditions, safe for skin and eyes
  • The problematic areas of the skin are illuminated as different colors by the long-wave ultraviolet light of this skin scanner
  • No requirement of a Dark Room to use this Skin Scanner
  • 2X magnifying glass for complete illumination and observation of the face

      Specifications & Dimensions

      • Model Number: DON-FCAPP-3020
      • Voltage:110 Volts
      • Power: 55 Watts


      • One (1) Year Limited Warranty Included for FREE
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