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Best Massage Tables & Portable Massage Tables for Sale

What to look for in a massage table?

Apart from great hands, what can truly set you apart in this industry?

The most important factors to consider are:

  • Easy to clean?
  • Stationary VS Portable?
  • Weight of the table?
  • Their carrying weight
  • How many inches long?
  • Adjustable height?
  • Memory foam or regular foam?
  • PU leather or real leather?
  • PVC surfaces or acrylic?
  • Does it come with a carry case or carrying bag?


    How to Choose a Massage Table?

    Choosing a massage table is going to be highly dependent on the kind of massage experience you are trying to create in your salon space.

    Not every massage specialist has the same table needs, so the right massage table is a highly personal choice.

    Selecting a massage table that's portable, folding, is obviously going to be the right table for a mobile massage specialist.

    If you have a brick-and-mortar massage salon, then you most likely will opt for a stationary massage table, maybe even an electric one.

    There's also comfort all-inclusive portable massage tables.

    Massage Tables for less, or cheap massage tables

    A table that isn't conforming to the latest industry trends & requirements can hurt your business.

    A cheap table brand from a Chinese company won’t last you very long, either. Imagine a foldable table that feels so flimsy that your clients calls you crazy for asking them to lay down on it. Or even worse, the table actually does collapse under the weight of a heavier client. That would mean you're liable for any damage this may cause. This in return means you’ll be having to purchase another table again, way too soon.

    So what you might be saving in dollars, you can be losing in time & energy.

    We think investing in a massage table is one of the most important things you can do for your spa business!

    Focusing on the best quality when investing in a table and your salon business, at your respective budget, instead of trying to score a "good" deal,

    is the best investment for the longer-term!

    Types of Professional Massage Tables

    Tables are often available in a lot of different form factors.

    Finding the right treatment table for your business, that fits your expectations and is a true match for your salon brand, and at the right price, is not the easiest of tasks. With so many massage & treatment tables to choose from, it doesn't make the job easier! So here is a bit more info on the various types of tables on the market.

    Portable Massage Tables

    The easily transportable treatmenttable is the most common type you will come across.

    This is because this type of table is obviously much lighter, and usually more compact, which makes for convenient carrying. This massage table is ideal for mobile practitioners.

    The reason is that they are typically built with less heavy materials. The weight of massage tables doesn't always dictate the quality of the table, though.

    A portable treatment table can be incredibly strong and really portable, while another table of a similar light weight and also foldable, can actually be kind of shaky and big once you unfold it. The best portable massage table includes any lightweight and sturdy table with a small footprint at the same time. The brands we work with create portable treatment tables that are of high-quality, which is often reflected in their price.

    Portable vs Folding Massage Table

    There are foldable treatments tables that aren't necessarily that portable.
    This is due to the amount of weight of the table.

    Height Adjustable Massage Table

    This can either be manual or electric, see below.

    A Massage bed, height adjustable isdesigned to provide a comfortable experience for clients and therapists. They typically feature adjustable headrests, lumbar support, and armrests, as well as the table height adjustment, that can be adjusted to the user's desired level.

    Stationary Massage & Treatment Tables

    A stationary massage table is obviously not portable. But there is still a difference between an electric table or a manual table. There is no real difference for the spa client, but electric tables mostly benefits the therapist. The electric motors make it easier to bring the table to the highest level.

    Electric Massage table

    An electric treatment table is any type of table that has been outfitted with electrical components such as heating elements,adjust the height systems, and other features. They are a great tool for practitioners to provide therapeutic massages.

    Electric massage tables are designed to be easily adjustable.

    They make it easier for the massage specialist to position themselves comfortably while giving a massage without having to move around or adjust the table. This provides great comfort and convenience to massage therapists and their clients. The use of an electric massage table can make it easier to manipulate the body during a massage, allowing for deeper and more effective treatments. In addition, electric massage tables often provide additional features such as programmable settings, auto-shutoff timers, and even music-playback capabilities.

    Electric tables are easy to set up, use, and maintain, which makes them great investments for both professional and home use.

    Hydro Massage Table

    Hydromassage tables or wet tables are the types of tables that allow for hydro treatments of skin.

    These tables are designed to provide a comfortable, relaxing and therapeutic experience for patients. They typically feature a water-filled top that can be heated up and pressurized, jets of water, and massage heads that can be moved around the body to target specific areas. The aim is to use the pressure of the jets in combination with massage techniques to provide relief from muscle tension, reduce stress, and improve circulation. Hydro massage tables may also have features such as chromotherapy lights, silent motors, and height settings.

    How We Selected the Best Massage Tables

    At Chairs That Give, we aim at having the top massage tables for sale on the North American market.

    We pride ourselves in the partnerships we have with top-rated massage tables brands such as Equipro and TouchAmerica, Living Earth Crafts, and Custom Craftworks. These massage therapy tables are mostly built in Canada and the USA, respectively. Although, they also do have some product lines that are made overseas and imported.

    Massage equipment made locally in North-America, respect laws and regulations regarding labor and environment. Unfortunately, this can’t always be said about the import discount massage tables. That's why most of our tables are made in USA and are actually custom-built.

    This means they can be customized according to your specific needs and massage therapy scope of practice.

    They can come in a variety of different materials such as wood and aluminum. You can choose from multiple colors, heights, materials and headrest combinations, or opt for various lift adjustments systems to support the needs of both the therapist and your client.

    Buying a massage table

    Which massage table should I buy?

    This will greatly depend on your budget and the type of services you plan to offer.

    Factors such as size, weight, portability, and customization can all help determine which table is right for you & your spa.

    When it comes to budgeting, consider the cost of purchasing a treatment table upfront versus renting or leasing one over time.

    The cost to rent or lease may be more expensive in the long run, so if you plan to use the table often, it might be worth investing in a quality table that will last for years.

    Once you have determined your budget and type of services offered, look for massage tables with features that meet your needs.

    If portability is important, look for foldable tables with lightweight construction and carrying cases. If you are offering specific treatments like hot stone therapy or aromatherapy, make sure the table has appropriate accessories like bolsters and face cradles. If customization is important, find a massage table with adjustable height settings and removable parts.

    Finally, don't forget to factor in costs associated with maintenance and repair of your massage table down the line.

    Make sure you are buying from a reputable dealer who offers manufacturer's warranties and customer service so that any issues can be addressed quickly and efficiently.

    Massage Table Packages

    Take a look at ourmassage & treatment table packages.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a massage table cost?

    As you might have guessed, it depends.

    How much weight will my portable massage bed hold?

    Portable treatment table manufacturers will usually list both a static and a working weight limit in their product manuals or tech sheets. The static weight limit is the total weight the table will hold without any active movement or pressure. The static weight threshold, often calculated at 2000 to 2500 pounds, is significantly higher than the actual working weight limit.

    What's more important is the portable table’s working weight limit. This is sometimes also called a ‘Safe Working load’ (SWL) or ‘Normal Working Load’ (NWL). A working weight limit takes into consideration the added downward pressure applied by the therapist during a treatment. Most economy foldablemassage tables will accommodate up to 500 pounds, while other portable treatment beds have much higher capacities, ranging from 500-800 pounds or more.

    Which is better aluminum or wood massage table?

    We often get this question! And you're right for asking it, since not every massage table is the same!

    The most common differentiation between treatment tables is that of weight and how easy it is for transportation. Stationary massage tables can easily weight several hundred pounds, which makes shipping it around the country, or even your city, less optimal. A portable tablecan be very lightweight. Both can be pro massage & treatment tables and can be used for all sorts of applications. We have an option for all types of massage therapists, whether you're on the go, or have a brick & mortar massage spa.

    How much does a portable massage table weigh?

    As you might have expected, the weight of a portable treatment table varies by brand and model. They are usually in the range of 25 to 40 pounds. Make sure to check the product page on our store for the manufacturer’s specifications. Or check the link provided to a tech sheet or product manual that has all these details listed, before placing an order.

    Why do treatment tables have holes?

    The holes you can see are for a variety of product options that can be added to your new treatment table. Depending on the type of treatment table you can for example add a face cradle, armrest, footrest, headrest, paper roll holder, etc ...