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Massage & Treatment Tables

Massage Tables For Sale

When you are looking for massage tables and want the best massage tables then it is important to distinguish between cheap amateur tables and pro massage tables. But I want to find massage tables near me, you say? We hear you! 
Unfortunately there isn’t always much choice in shops near you, and the stuff they are selling are often the type of massage tables for less, Chinese cheap massage tables that won’t last long which means you’ll be having to purchase another one way too soon.

There are many different kinds of massage tables. The most common differentiation between massage tables is that of light weight massage tables, or portable massage tables, compared to stationary massage tables.
Both can be pro massage tables and can be used for all sorts of applications. Light weight portable massage tables are obviously much lighter and this often means they are built with less sturdy materials, but this does not mean that they’re all offering the same value.
Some of these small massage tables can be incredibly strong and really portable, while others are more light and foldable, but actually kind of shaky and big once you unfold it. Great lightweight massage tables will be light-weight and sturdy with a small footprint at the same time.

Professional massage tables will always be high-end massage tables and will be the best massage tables you can find. While they might have a similar weight or even be heavier than some other light weight massage tables, their footprint might actually be much smaller. This means the materials used are just much more sturdy than the massage tables for sale cheaply. A popular option are the aluminum portable massage tables.

Some manufacturers focus on a certain type of massage & treatment tables due to their professional field of specialization. These massage chair brands have different types of massage chairs varying from hydraulic massage tables, electric massage tables, hydro massage tables or water jet massage tables, chiropractic massage tables, prenatal massage tables or pregnancy massage tables, thai massage tables, massage tables with storage, electric roller massage tables or shiatsu massage tables, …

We try to avoid cheap massage tables, since these are often built with much lower quality materials and in countries with less care for our environment.
At Chairs That Give we pride ourselves to have the best massage tables for sale on the North American market. We pride ourselves in the partnerships we have with top rated massage tables brands such as Equipro and TouchAmerica. Their massage therapy tables are all built in Canada and the USA, respectively. Massage tables and chairs made in our part of the world, respect laws and regulations regarding labor and environment. Unfortunately, this can’t always be said about the import discount massage tables. 

These massage tables made in USA are actually custom massage tables since they can be customized according to your specific needs and massage therapy scope of practice. They can come in a variety of different materials such as wood and aluminum. You can choose from multiple colors, heights, materials and headrest combinations, or opt for various lift adjustments systems to support the needs of both the therapist and your client.