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What is a Pipeless Pedicure Chair and Why do You Need One?

How Do Pipeless Pedicure Chairs Work?

One of the biggest challenges of traditional pedicure chairs is cleaning them after use. Of course, cleaning sucks, but you have to do it for sanitary reasons. If you don’t, there is a risk your clients may become infected by harmful bacteria in the pipes. There are also state sanitation codes that you have to follow to ensure that you keep your license. Using a pipeless chair allows you to avoid cleaning problems so you can focus on giving the best service to your clients.

Difference between classic jet pipes pedicure chairs and pipeless pedicure chairs

Why Are Pipeless Chairs Better Than Traditional Pedi Chairs?

One of the most serious problems facing salon owners is the risk of infection. There have been many reports of people suffering the symptoms of serious infections including boils or skin abscesses. Even worse, many of these conditions are resistant to treatment using antibiotics. Health officials have traced these outbreaks to poorly maintained pedicure chairs, which allowed harmful microorganisms to breed in the pipes.

Cleaning traditional pedicure chairs can be a tedious and time-consuming process, which is why many spas often neglect it. Experts recommend that the pedicure chair should be cleaned after every use, and at night after the salon has closed. But to follow these guidelines means that fewer pedicures can be given in a day.

This is why many salon and spa owners are now turning to pipeless pedicure chairs. These new chairs do not use pipes to create the jets in the basin where your clients’ feet are immersed. Instead, they use small underwater fans that sit on the basin. However, pipeless does not mean there is no plumbing involved. You still have to hook the chair to your plumbing to supply water to the basin and to drain it after the pedicure.

Since there are no pipes in the basin itself, it is easier to sanitize. With traditional chairs, you would have to clean the pipes after every use with long brushes. But with a pipeless chair, you just have to remove components such as the footplate and the impeller to sanitize them and reconnect them afterward. Of course, you still have to clean the basin but this is relatively easy. You can be ready for your next client in a shorter time.

Advantages of Pipeless Pedicure Chairs

Of course, a new pipeless chair requires an investment on your part. But as we mentioned earlier, you can easily recover what you’ve spent on being able to give more pedicures in a day. You also avoid the risk of disruption to your business if health officials would shut down your spa due to sanitary violations. But of course, there are many other benefits you can get from investing in a new pipeless chair.

Quieter operation

Since there are no pipes in the basin itself to supply water, and pumps to move the water around, pipeless pedi chairs are quieter than traditional ones. This helps create a more soothing atmosphere in your spa. Your clients will feel more relaxed and more satisfied with the service that they get.

More cost-efficient to set up

Since you only need to connect one pipe to a water source, it is less complicated to set up. It also takes less time. Your pedicure chair can be ready for use in a shorter time.

A wider range of features

Since pipeless chairs have only been introduced relatively recently, they are newer models. This means that they have features that traditional chairs don’t have. For instance, a lot of new pipeless chairs offer shiatsu massage instead of the usual vibration massage.

Should You Invest in Pipeless Pedicure Chairs?

To sum up, here are the many benefits you can enjoy by choosing pipeless pedicure chairs for your salon.

  1. They are more sanitary. You not only ensure the safety of your clients, you avoid problems that can be costly.
  2. They will help you make more money. Since these chairs take less time to sanitize and clean, you can handle more clients in a day and increase your earnings.
  3. They cost less money. Although you will spend more money upfront, you spend less setting up the chair and cleaning it afterwards, since time is money.
  4. They have more advanced features. You can offer your clients a wider range of services compared with the traditional pedicure chairs. 

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