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Big ticket items, small flexible payments

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Tips And Tricks When Buying Salon Equipment

Buying Salon Equipment in Bulk?

The best way to know what to purchase, how to purchase and why equipment needs to be purchased rests entirely on what services a beauty salon plans to provide. The knowledge on how and what clients need and would want to spend for is also an important aspect. Due to this reason, this guide isn’t a complete surefire walkthrough to purchasing salon equipment, and you should tailor your purchases to your needs.

Salon Equipment

Beauty salon equipment covers a whole vast of terms, products, and services, each with its own unique functions. It also caters to an entire array of specialized needs that are distinct to the beauty salon industry, some of which are hairstyling, cutting, outfitting; nail care, nail spa; tanning solutions. Basic salon equipment ranges from the inexpensive to extravagant. Start-up salon ventures may find the less pricey salon chairs a better option than the costly ones. For an experienced salon owner, however, equipment that is more expensive may be more beneficial since usually it will last longer, and it's an investment for the future.

Don’t Discount the Discounts

Salon equipment offered at discount prices includes both used and new equipment. It is important to do research on the seller offering discounts. There are retailers who sometimes use the word discount just to reel in customers, but there are also valid dealers like Chairs That Give who offer salon furniture at discounted prices to keep their prices competitive in the market. Our discounted salon chairs & massage tables are always of good quality at a no-brainer price. The key is to check how reputable the supplier is. If there is no doubt to their claim, avail of their discount and benefit from it.

Strike a Finance Or Leasing Deal

It won’t hurt if you try. We offer financing options to qualified customers, just click that link. People who signed up for Paypal Credit can also use this on our store. We also have payment installments through Shop Pay/Affirm and Klarna directly at the checkout page. You can also apply for financing with Direct Capital by clicking here. The benefit of making smaller monthly payments is a big advantage, especially to those just testing the waters of the beauty salon business. A financing option or a leasing option deal is a great and convenient way to pay in staggered and sometimes in monthly smaller amounts while at the same time enjoying the benefits of an ongoing business.

Make sure to have a consistent style for your interior

Services a beauty salon provides is catered specifically to the hair, feet, and nails. There are various chairs and equipment needed to ensure that the service offered is carried out efficiently. Because of the varied apparatus needed for hair, feet & nail care, it is important that each piece is part of a design theme throughout your salon. Basic functional furniture such as styling chairs, mirrors, display racks, trolley carts should be of good quality and need to be in the same style. It is vital is that they serve their purpose and coordinate well with all the other chairs and furniture in your space. 

Test the equipment

Make sure that prior to actually purchasing an equipment, all the mechanisms, nooks, nuts, bolts, crannies and electrical parts are in working condition. Of course, in this day and age, a lot of the purchasing is done online and testing isn't always a possibility. So don't forget to ask the supplier about return and exchange policies. If there is no such policy present, do not be afraid to search elsewhere until you find someone that does. Establishing contacts and inquiring about exchange & return possibilities prevents you from not being satisfied with your purchase.

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