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How Much Weight Can A Salon Chair Carry?

Salon Chairs for Obese People

Salons posting weight limits for customers seeking pedicures have increasingly been hitting the news. They have understandably courted controversy for their stance due to the perception that they are discriminating against the obese and the overweight. But the salons usually justify their stance by claiming that the customer would break the chair if they sat on it. If salons with weight limits accept overweight or obese clients, they would usually add a surcharge to their usual fee.

Of course, salons that follow this policy usually open themselves to criticism. It might even cost them business when customers who disagree with their weight limit policy boycott them. But not everybody is critical of weight limits. There are customers who would say the salon is within their rights to post this policy. They point out that the establishment is only concerned about the safety of their customers. Broken chairs are also expensive to fix, with charges easily reaching a thousand dollars.

Weight Capacity of a Typical Salon Chair

So how much weight can salon chairs accommodate? It varies depending on the model and the manufacturer, but on average it seems that the chairs can accommodate around 300 lbs. Now, these published weight limits are only a rule of thumb. For instance, if a chair has a weight limit of 250 lb., it does not mean that if a 260 lbs person sits on it, it will break.

But of course, you should also exercise caution if you exceed weight limits. The manufacturer usually states that they will not accept any liability for injuries if a person whose weight is above their limit sits on the chair and is hurt.

The obvious solution is for salons to buy chairs that have as high a weight limit as possible. After all, the obesity/overweight problem is not going away anytime soon. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 36.5% of adults in the US are obese. Lower-income women are also more likely to be obese than those with higher incomes. This means that a certain percentage of the people who go into salons will be obese and will not receive service.

How Much Can You Maximum Weight for Salon Chairs?

So what weight limit should salons look for? A quick search on Google reveals that, usually the highest weight limit for a salon chair is 450 lbs. Buying these chairs cost more than regular chairs, but the investment may be worth it since you can accommodate customers that other salons would turn away. It might also be a source of good publicity for your business.

Another advantage of salon chairs with higher weight limits is that they will last longer than regular chairs. They are made of more durable materials. Of course, the downside is that these chairs are difficult to move around because they are heavier. One of the pedicure/foot massage chair and futon sets we have is the Destiny/Harmony Foot Massage Pedicure Chair Set that supports 500 lbs for the base transit weight but a whopping 600 lbs static weight capacity

Destiny or Harmony Foot Massage Pedicure Chair Set - Chairs That Give

So if you can afford it, you should consider investing in a salon chair with higher weight limits. After all, you don’t want your salon to land in the news for the wrong reasons. And the investment might even help to boost your profits a little!


A collection of our highest weight capacity chairs

Destiny/Harmony Foot Massage Pedicure Chair Set - 500 LBS

Touch America Breath Pedi-Lounge - 450 LBS

Touch America Motorized Breath Pedi-Lounge - 450 LBS

Touch America Breath Outdoor Pedi-Lounge - 450 LBS

Touch America Archipedigo Foot Massage Chair- 450 LBS

Continuum Echo SE Pedicure Spa Chair - 350 LBS

Continuum Vantage VE Pedicure Spa Chair - 350 LBS

Continuum Bravo LE Pedicure Spa Chair - 350 LBS


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April 24, 2019

Hi Nikki, thanks for your question!

It greatly depends on the brand, some definitely are more sturdy than others. The way the stools are being handled is also a factor in how fast they break. But most stools should be able to carry at least 250 LBS without too many issues if handled with care.

Nikki csurgo

Nikki csurgo

April 24, 2019


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