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Synca REI - Foot-Calf-Lumbar-Ottoman Massager

Synca REI - Foot-Calf-Lumbar-Ottoman Massager

The REI by Synca Wellness is the most modern and unique foot and calf massager on the market, combining design, function, and massage treatment into one device. It appears like any other ottoman you would have in your living room when it's sitting in your home; it's simply another piece of furniture. It changes into a foot and calf massager with a wireless lumbar massage in seconds by simply lifting the top by the Synca tag. 
The Foot and Calf part includes a kickstand below at the front to tilt the angle of the massager into a more ergonomic position for you to slip your legs into, and the foot and calf area is intended to suit up to a men's size 13 with ease. You may place the wireless massager behind you to massage your lumbar area, or you can place it on your lap to massage your thighs. Foot Roller, Vibration, Shiatsu Massage, Gua Sha, Reflexology, Compression, Infrared Heat Therapy, and other foot and calf massage technologies are all accessible on the REI.

To dial in the right foot and calf massage experience to massage away the pains in your feet after a long day, choose from three treatment courses and three separate massage strengths. When you're finished, just close the REI and enjoy your new ottoman!


  • Converts from Ottoman to Foot+Calf+Lumbar Massager
  • Foot Roller
  • Vibration
  • Robotic Shiatsu Calf Massager
  • Compression
  • Heat (Foot + Lumbar)
  • Cover is a Wireless Lumbar Massager
  • 2600mAh Long-Lasting Wireless Battery
  • 3 Programs
  • 3 Strength Adjustments

Specifications & Dimensions

  • Model Number: SMR0031-10NA
  • Dimensions: H 18.75" x W 18.25" x D 18.75"
  • Weight: 31.5 lbs.


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