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J&A Petra G5 Spa Pedicure Chair

Petra G5 Spa Pedicure Chair

The new Petra G5 Pedicure Spa Chair from J&A USA features a sophisticated new full body massage system that provides the ultimate relaxation experience. Its sleek design makes this modern pedicure spa an elegant centerpiece for your salon.

Built for comfort and ease-of-use, the Petra G5 features a cup holder on the armrest, a USB receptacle outlet for effortless charging, a hook for hanging purses, and a remote built into the armrest for clients to easily adjust their massage settings. Additionally, this spa includes another remote for your technicians to re-position clients without any hassle.

The Petra G5 is equipped with a high-quality Standard Pipeless Whirlpool system, which delivers sanitary jet streams to your clients. Free of charge, you can upgrade to the Magnetic Pipeless Whirlpool system, and the jets will detach from the spa tub allowing for the use of disposable plastic liners. Additionally, there is an option to upgrade to have an auto-fill feature factory installed to the unit.

J&A Petra G5 Features:

  • Chemical resistance armrest.
  • Build-in remote on the armrest.
  • Built-in cup holder on armrest instead of a tray.
  • Newer solid tray mechanism.
  • Dual USB port to charge 2 different electronics.
  • Technician side remote for a technician to slide back and forth and recline and incline

J&A Petra G5 Specifications

J&A Petra G5 Instruction Manual

J&A Petra G5 Warranty

Petra G5 Spa Pedicure Chair Color

Petra G5 Spa Pedicure Base Color

Petra G5 Spa Pedicure Bowl Color

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