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Gulfstream La Trento Pedicure Spa Chair

Gulfstream La Trento - Spa & Pedicure - Full Shiatsu Massage Chair w/Manicure Side-Tables 

Gulfstream's all-new La Trento Pedicure Spa Chair includes a revolutionary acrylic spa that is both cost-effective and ecologically sustainable, and it comes in a variety of vivid colors. The hand sprayer is positioned next to the integrated, adjustable footrest, maintaining a clean and tidy appearance. The water massage is circulated using Gulfstream's unique ID Jet Whirlpool System and integrated LED bowl illumination. With its magnetic locking technology, this system is simple to remove and clean. 

There are two chair choices for the La Trento Pedicure Chair:

9621 - New 9621 Upholstery with built-in remote control in the armrest, manicure massage chair with adjustable armrest.  Available colors are Black, Curry, Burgundy, or Chocolate.

9660 - A Technician Control for the seat is mounted in the front of the spa for easily moving the chair forward or backward without disturbing the client. The massage remote control is conveniently built into the armrest. The other armrest has a built-in cupholder. Available colors are black, curry, grey, chocolate, pearl white, or burgundy.

Both chairs include acetone-resistant hardwood armrests that lift to let clients enter the chair, as well as folding manicure trays. Both chairs include Gulfstream's better Shiatsu massage system, which employs an S-Track roller system in the curvature of the human spine, allowing the neck and lower back to receive a greater massage than the mid-back and tailbone as the rollers go up and down the back of the user. This results in a more relaxing massage. Compression, kneading, pounding, and rolling are some functions. The chairs are well-padded and include a headrest that may be embroidered with your company's emblem. A waist cushion in Pearl White with Gray or Butterscotch with Truffle will provide a pop of color to the chair.

The following certifications are held by Gulfstream's La Trento Pedicure Spa: UL certification, Boston MA Approval, Los Angeles CA approval, and IAPMO certification, which is certified to CSA standards.

Gulfstream La Trento Features

  • Spa Chair
    • Function massage offers advanced human-like options such as working with the full or desired speed
    • With built-in timer
    • Finest high-quality ultra-leather furniture
    • Very flexible - forward/backward as well as a recliner chair
    • Remote Control operation & builtin cup holder
    • Swing up/down armrests for very easy accessibility
    • State of the art footrest - the center portion of the footrest is hinged to allow for elevation of the client’s feet
  • Technician Stool
    • Flexible pedicurist stool with top quality, solid, sleek chrome legs
    • Strong wheels are standard
    • Color-coordinated soft seat cushion as well as back support
  • Manicure Tray
    • Laminated timber manicure trays give a secure system for the service technician to do numerous tasks at the exact same time
    • Clear gel-coat external layer provides protection from most chemicals consisting of acetone
  • Features IDJet Whirlpool (Magnet) Technology - easy to use and clean for the ultimate in sanitary foot spas
  • State-of-the-art Full Shiatsu massage system with remote - includes rolling, compression, kneading, percussion
  • Acetone-resistant armrests and flip-up manicure trays
  • Dual-USB and electrical outlet, purse hooks
  • Gorgeous glass water basin in nine color options with integrated footrest
  • Durable acrylic base in 3 color choices
  • High-quality massage chair available in 4 color choices
  • Pull-Out sprayer for rinsing tub
  • Pedicure Tub Liners can be used with this spa
  • Optional discharge pump (needed if you don't have a gravity drain)
  • Holds the following certifications: UL certification, Boston MA Approval, Los Angeles CA Approval, IAPMO certification, which is certified to CSA standards

Gulfstream La Trento Specifications & Dimensions

  • Dimensions: 54"L x 30"W x 51"H or 64"L x 44'W x 96"H per palette with 2 spas each
  • Chair width is 32 inches (0.81 m) with the trays positioned down; the chair width is 46 inches (1.17 m) with the trays positioned up
  • Unit height varies depending on the chair model chosen
  • Tub Capacity: 5 US gal.
  • Weight: 250 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight: 320 lbs.
  • Water Source: 1/2” pipe thread fitting equally good for hot and cold water.
  • This meets local plumbing codes. Normal water pressure of 30 - 120 PSI is needed. Backflow preventer V00275 installed.
  • Drain Source: 1-1/4” drain. 1/2” if discharge installed. Must meet local plumbing codes using schedule 40 drain pipe and appropriate traps.
  • Electrical: 2 Whirlpool Ultra CleanJet™ 1/5 hp 120V 2 AMP 60hz. Discharge pump 110V 5.5AMP 60hz. Must meet local codes. Ground fault interrupter required.
  • Powerful Discharge pump 110V 5.5AMP 60hz
  • Certifications: CSA approved & UL listed

Gulfstream La Trento Warranty

  • Limited Three(3) Years warranty on Spa Shell
  • Limited One(1) Year warranty on the Whirlpool Pump and IDJET
  • Limited Three(3) Month Warranty on upholstery due to manufacturing defect
  • Limited One(1) Year Parts-Only warranty which covers the Hydraulic System, Discharge Pump, Massage System, and All Electrical Components

Gulfstream La Trento Manual & Installation Guide

Colors Choices

Upholstery Colors


Base Color Options

Pearl White

Pearl White Bowl on Gulfstream La Trento Pedicure Spa Chair -

Bowl Color

Gulfstream’s La Trento holds the following certifications: UL certification, Boston MA Approval, Los Angeles CA Approval, IAPMO certification, which is certified to CSA standards. Due to photographic and scanning/printing processes, all displayed colors shown may vary slightly from the actual color of the items. Reflected bowl colors are not exactly as shown. Glass contains a reflection that refracts different colors.
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