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Gulfstream Disposable Airpad for the Waterdance System

Gulfstream Disposable Airpad for The Heat & Ozonator Technology Waterdance System

Thanks to Gulfstream’s New Disposable Air pads for the Waterdance system you won't be needing to clean any jets anymore. The one-time-use airpads are very convenient and will save you a lot of time! They are not only easy to install but will also ensure that no cross-contamination occurs. 

Simply Peel, Stick, Connect, Use & Dispose!
So convenient that both clients and technicians will approve 


  • Replacement Airpads
  • Low Cost of $0.75 per piece
  • Comes in Boxes of 240 Airpads.
  • World's First Heat & Ozonator Technology
  • No Jet to clean, Easy to install One-Time Use
  • No Cross-contamination to Keep Things 100% Sanitized
  • Peel, Stick, Connect, Use, Dispose
  • A Convenient & Efficient System
  • Consists of AirPad, Connector, Straw, and Waste-n-Overflow Insert


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