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Gulfstream Airpads for the Waterdance System

Gulfstream GS7209 Disposable Airpads (240 PCS Box) for The GulfstreamWaterdance System 

With the Gulfstream’s disposable Air pads for the Waterdance system, you won't be needing to clean any jets anymore!

 The one-time-use airpads are very convenient and will save you a lot of time. They are not only easy to install, but will also ensure that no cross-contamination occurs. So you can stay clean and in control, following local health & safety regulations.

Simply Peel, Stick, Connect, Use & Dispose!
So convenient that both clients and technicians will benefit.

Gulfstream GS7209 Disposable Airpads Features

  • Replacement GS7209 Airpads
  • Peel, Stick, Connect, Use, Dispose
  • Comes in Boxes of 240 Airpads
  • Low Cost of $0.77 per piece
  • No Jet to clean, Easy to install One-Time Use
  • A Convenient & Efficient System
  • No Cross-contamination to Keep Things 100% Sanitized
  • World's First Heat & Ozonator Technology for spa pedicure chairs
  • Consists of AirPads, Connector, Straw, and Waste-n-Overflow Insert

Gulfstream GS7209 Disposable Airpads Installation Instructions

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