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Equipro Rotoderm - Rotary Brush Machine

Equipro Rotoderm 11500 - Rotary Brush Machine

If you're looking for a machine that gently and efficiently exfoliates the skin during a facial, you just got lucky! With Equipro's Rotoderm 11500, you could remove dirt and filth from your clients' skin while sloughing off dead skin cells. This does not only exfoliate the skin but also provides a soothing face massage which your clients will definitely love. Compared to other facial machines, this face brush machine is lightweight but very durable, which adds up to its amazing features.

Just a reminder though, before using the Equipro Rotoderm, cleanse the skin and vaporize or steam the face with warm cloths to make dead skin removal simpler. With the help of this rotary brush machine, start with the neck, jaw, chin, cheeks, upper lip, nose, and forehead to cleanse and exfoliate. Brushing may be used on all skin types, with the exception of acne-prone skin, because it might aggravate the acne and spread the infection. Other than that, Equipro Rotoderm 11500 has got your back!


  • Compact Model
  • Variable Speed
  • Handle with Retractable and Coiled Wire for Better Mobility
  • 3 brushes included: 2 natural soft bristles .75" and 1.5", 1 natural firm bristle 1.5
    • 18 Watts
    • CSA Approved
    • Made in Canada

    Specifications & Dimensions

    • Detailed Spec Sheet
    • Model Number: 11500
    • Dimensions: L 11" X D 7" X H 3.5''
    • Weight: 9 lbs / 4 kg


        • 2-Year Warranty (Parts & Labor) Included at No Extra Charge!
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