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Equipro Facial Infinity Package

Equipro Facial Infinity Package - EI-502 - 61100M - 11400

Equipro Facial Infinity Package - EI-502-61100M-11400: 1x Facial Treatment Bed, 1x Towel Warmer,  and 1x Facial Machine

Equipro Infinity Electric Therapeutic Massage Facial Bed EI-502

This multipurpose electric bed made from Equipro is perfect for pedicures, facial electrolysis, depilation, and other treatments. Easy to adjust, the height of this electric bed can be brought up or down to accommodate each client with a simple tap of the foot pedals. Position the backrest exactly where you need it to be with the convenient remote control. You have the flexibility to adjust the bed to a sitting position, slightly reclining, or completely flat. Other adjustable features include the crescent headrest and the armrests. Available in several colors, you can find the hue that best complements your space. Covered in ultra-durable vinyl, this El-502 Infinity Electric Bed is easy to clean and is long-lasting.

Equipro Infinity Massage Facial Bed EI-502 Highlights

  • Multi-Purpose Spa Treatment Table
  • Ideal for Facial Treatment, Therapeutic Massage, Pedicure, Electrolysis & Depilation
  • Fully Electric
  • Height adjustment from 21’’ to 39’’ (53cm to 99cm)
  • Adjustable crescent-shaped headrest and armrest included
  • Silent Operation
  • Made in Canada

Equipro Infinity Massage Facial Bed EI-502 Specifications and Dimensions

  • Model Number: EI502
  • Various Colors Available Upon Request
  • Dimensions: L 69' x W 28' x H 21' / 39'
  • Weight: 256 lbs / 116 kg

Equipro Infinity Massage Facial Bed EI-502 Optional Color Options

Equipro Infinity Massage Facial Bed EI-502 Warranty

  • 1-Year Warranty Included at No Extra Charge


Equipro Mini Cabi Towel Warmer 61100M

Equipro's Mini Hot-Cabi Sanitizer & Towel Warmer is a must-have for every beauty or health establishment. With a simple 23-minute sanitizing cycle utilizing a germicidal UV light, the Hot-Cabi sanitizes tools, towels, and other essentials to your salon. The device also has an aluminum inner casing to avoid oxidation and a UV-resistant tinted window so you can see your instruments while they're being sanitized. The machine may also be used as a hot towel warmer, holding up to 6 face towels, depending on the size.

It goes without saying that there has never been a more critical moment to ensure that your tools are properly cleaned between clients, especially during this pandemic. Fortunately, you don't need to worry anymore! This Mini Cabi Sanitizer & Towel Warmer will do the work for you and it comes with a 1-year guarantee.

Equipro Mini Cabi 61100M Highlights
  • Towel Warmer
  • Capacity of 6 Facial Towels (13'' X 24'')
  • Constant Temperature Control at 176°F
  • UV Light Included
  • 120 Volts
  • UL, CSA & ETL Approved
  • Made in Canada

Equipro Mini Cabi 61100M Specifications & Dimensions

  • Model Number: EI-61100M
  • Dimensions EXT: L 13" X D 12" X H 10'' 
  • Dimensions INT: L 10" X D 8" X H 5.5'' 
  • Weight: 12 lbs / 6 kg

Equipro Mini Cabi 61100M Warranty

  • 1-Year Warranty (Parts & Labor) Included at No Extra Charge!


Equipro Ioniderm 11400 Galvanic Facial Machine

The EquiPro Ioniderm 11400 galvanic facial treatment machine is designed to enhance skin and promote relaxation by combining the power of chemical (desincrustation) and ionic (iontophoresis) methods. Desincrustation (anaphoresis) is a technique used by estheticians to help remove oil buildup that causes acne, deep cleanse seborrheic and congested skin, invigorate grey, sluggish skin, widen the follicle, improve blood and lymphatic circulation, and attract negative ions.

EquiPro's galvanic facial devices transform an electrical outlet's oscillating current into a direct current. The electrons are then permitted to flow in the same direction indefinitely. This causes the skin to relax, making it simpler to target specific nerve terminals. Please keep in mind that we only recommend this product for professional use.

Equipro Ioniderm 11400 Highlights

  • Compact Model
  • Integrated Storage Space for Accessories 
  • 1 Hand Held Electrode
  • 2 Wires (1 Red, 1 Black)
  • 1 Disincrustor
  • 2 Spontex Sponges
  • Spontex Sleeve for Electrode
  • 18 Watts
  • CSA Approved
  • Made in Canada

Equipro Ioniderm 11400 Specifications and Dimensions

  • Model Number: 11400
  • Dimensions: L 11" X D 7" X H 3.5''
  • Weight: 9 lbs / 4 kg

Equipro Ioniderm 11400 Warranty

  • 2-Year Warranty (Parts & Labor) Included at No Extra Charge!
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