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Equipro Deluxe Spa and Massage Package

Equipro Deluxe Spa and Massage Package - 22100 - 51401 - 51100

Equipro Deluxe Spa and Massage Package - 22100-51401-51100: 1x Massage Facial Bed, 1x Manicure Table,  and 1x Deluxe Trolley

Equipro Deluxe Poly Comfort Facial Bed 22100

The Equipro Deluxe Poly-Comfort Facial Bed 22100 features a fully manually adjustable body with full padding and is truly built with client comfort and provider convenience in mind. The adjustable chair features a specialized top and tilt system for easier positioning and optimizing your client's comfort. Its washable surface prevents bacterial build up and there is an optional paper holder for convenience. Thanks to the rounded corners and its low-profile base it gives the massage therapist better access to their clients.

Please note that the chair shown is equipped with the optional armrests. You can add a headrestarmrests or an armrest with manicure support, or maybe you need a handy paper roll holder? Headrests and armrests will be finished in the same upholstery color as the table and can be chosen from the options above add to cart.

Equipro Deluxe Facial Bed 22100 Highlights

  • Multi-Purpose Treatment Table
  • Great for Facials, Body Treatments, Therapeutic Massage, Depilation, Electrolysis & More
  • Rounded Corners to Facilitate Easy-Access Facial Massage
  • Ultra-White & Ultra-Resistant Vinyl
  • Entirely Manually Adjustable
  • Tilt system for Better Comfort
  • Adjustable Headrest
  • Made in Canada

Equipro Deluxe Facial Bed 22100Specifications and Dimensions

  • Model Number: 22100
  • Dimensions: 29.5"H x 24" x 70"
  • Weight: 111 lbs / 51 kg

Equipro Deluxe Facial Bed 22100Color Options

It comes standard in ultra-white but is also offered in a variety of upholstery colors by placing a special order. For different colors, there is an additional 6-8 weeks lead time.

Equipro Deluxe Facial Bed 22100 Warranty

  • 2-Year Warranty Included at No Extra Charge


Equipro Deluxe Manicure Table 51401

Equipro Deluxe Manicure Table has been carefully thought of and planned for. Comfort and ease have been considered for both the nail technician and clients. Aside from its sleek and minimalist design, it features enough surface area to keep equipment within easy reach. It also has enclosed cabinets for storage where you may keep essential tools and supplies. The table, which is mounted on quiet casters, may be simply relocated to another area of the salon or spa as needed because of its portability feature, making it ideal for smaller areas and nail salons.

Equipro Manicure Table 51401 Highlights

  • 2 practical drawers
  • Armrest cushion for customer
  • 1 compartment for bottles
  • Silent casters
  • Lamp not included
  • Made in Canada

Equipro Manicure Table 51401 Specifications & Dimensions

  • Model Number: 51401
  • Dimensions: L 31" X W 16" X H 32''
  • Weight: 59 lbs / 28 kg

Equipro Manicure Table 51401 Warranty

  • 2-Year Warranty Included at No Extra Charge!

Equipro TS-3 Deluxe Trolley 51100

Equipro has been in the industry for decades now so rest assured that you'll only get high-quality products from us. This Equipro TS-3 Deluxe Trolley can attest to that. It is very sturdy, durable, and can withstand frequent use. This trolley is not only functional but also portable and easy to use, making it a must-have to every salon or business. Aside from its quality, it also has a sleek and minimalist design which makes it a great addition to any décor style. 

Equipro Deluxe Trolley 51100 Highlights

  • Auxiliary table with 3 shelves including deeper top shelf (top shelf: 14¼ x 20", other shelves: 12" x 20")
  • 1 Ergonomic drawer
  • Magnifier holder on each side
  • Electric power bar with 6 sockets
  • Silent casters
  • Very sturdy
  • Partial assembly required
  • Magnifier, bowls, and double bowl holder not included
  • Height clearance between top and second shelf 10 1⁄4'' /
    Between second and bottom shelf 10 1⁄2''
  • CSA Approved
  • Made in Canada

Equipro Deluxe Trolley 51100Specifications and Dimensions

  • Model Number: 51100
  • Dimensions: L 22" X W 14" X H 35''
  • Weight: 39 lbs / 18 kg

Equipro Deluxe Trolley 51100Warranty

  • 2-Year Warranty Included at No Extra Charge!
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