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Continuum Le Rêve Pedicure Spa

Continuum Le Rêve Full Shiatsu Massage Pedicure Spa

Experience unmatched comfort and professional-grade relaxation with the Le Reve chair, designed to elevate your pedicure experience. With its built-in massage function, adjustable footrest, and customizable color options, this chair ensures a luxurious pampering session at an accessible price point. Whether you're a salon owner looking to upgrade your equipment or an individual seeking top-tier pedicure comfort, the Le Reve chair is the ideal choice for those prioritizing foot care with a touch of sophistication.

Experience luxury and relaxation like never before with the Le Reve pedicure chair. Crafted to provide utmost comfort for clients, this fully electric chair boasts adjustable settings and is upholstered in premium 100% PU leather for a soft and supple feel.

Enjoy a rejuvenating shiatsu massage with its full massage function while indulging in a soothing soak with the Luraco™ pipeless magnetic jet system integrated into the eye-catching pedicure bowl. Designed with both client and technician in mind, the chair features independently adjustable footrests and a narrow, tapered front for optimal ergonomics. Acetone resistant flip-up side trays and a proprietary ventilation system ensure a clean and healthy working environment.

CE & UL listed, backed by Continuum's industry-leading warranty, and honored with the 2020 NAILPRO Magazine Reader's Choice Award for Best Pedicure Chair, the Le Reve chair guarantees a VIP experience with every use.

Trust in excellence; trust in Le Reve.

Continuum Le Rêve Pedicure Spa Features

  • Choose between Smoke and Gold colors for the bowl, adding a touch of elegance to your spa environment
  • Enjoy ample capacity with a 5.7 US Gallons (21.6 Liters) bowl, ensuring a satisfying soak for your clients
  • Experience tranquility with the whisper-quiet magnetic pipeless jet, providing a serene atmosphere during treatments.
  • Customize comfort with dual manually adjustable footrests, catering to each client's preferences.
  • Enhance efficiency with the chrome sprayer, facilitating easy rinsing and cleansing.
  • Ensure uninterrupted treatments with manual fill capability for quick water replenishment.
  • Match your salon's aesthetic with shroud base options in White, Black, or Champagne.
  • Simplify maintenance and accessibility with removable access panels.
  • Choose from Almond, Black, Chocolate, or Gray chair colors to suit your salon's decor.
  • Treat clients to ultimate relaxation with a full Shiatsu chair massage.
  • Enjoy versatility with forward/back seat movement and a reclining electric back for optimal client comfort.
  • Facilitate client transitions with swing-up armrests for easy chair access.
  • Keep essentials organized with acetone-resistant manicure trays equipped with cupholders.
  • Ensure durability and stability with a steel frame supporting the chair, tub, and shroud.
  • Prioritize hygiene with a proprietary ventilation system.
  • Support local craftsmanship with products assembled in the USA

Continuum Le Rêve Pedicure Spa Color Specifications & Dimensions

  • Optional Drain pump kit (factory installed)
  • Optional Custom headrest stitching
  • 110V / 220V available
  • International plug options (contact for order - not available online)
  • Length: 60.4” (153.4 cm)
  • Width: 28.75” (73 cm) 46” (116 cm), with manicure side trays
  • Height: 52.8” (134 cm) 26” (66 cm), floor to seat

Continuum Le Rêve Pedicure Spa Color Options

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