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Continuum Discharge Pump

Continuum Discharge Pump - 120V or 220V - Pedicure Spa Chair Drain Pump - Built-In to the pedicure chair

Do I need a Discharge Pump or Drain Pump for My Pedicure Spa?

A common question that is actually quite simple to answer. Does your space have any floor drains already installed? If the answer is yes, then great, you don't need a pump to drain the water out of the pedicure bowl.

If you didn't choose a No Plumbing Pedicure Chairs available, and you don't have floor drains, then you will need a discharge pump.


But, what is a Discharge Pump?

A discharge pump is exactly what the wd describes, it discharges or drains the water out of your pedicure bowl for you by pumping it to a drain. The drain can be located in a wall behind the chair or eve across from the room, connected with pipes.


Do I really Need a Discharge Pump if I don't have a Floor Drain?

When you have a newly constructed spa salon, the plumber will already have installed a floor drain at the location of every pedicure chair in the salon space.

The water drains automatically thanks to gravity and the dirty water from the foot tub runs straight down the drain. Sometimes there is no option to break open the floor and install drains, for example with a renovation of a building. The drains will then have to be put into the wall behind the chairs and since gravity doesn't make the water go up automatically, you'll need a pump to force the water up into the wall.

Unless the drains are low enough in the wall, lower than your foot tub, then you might be able to do without a pump. This depends on the height of the drain from the floor and we can check with the manufacturer to make sure it will work, just contact us. It's recommended to get the pump upgrade though, for various reasons


What happens without a Discharge Pump?

Very often people think their pedicure chair has a problem or manufacturing fault because their bowls are draining very slowly. Can you guess what the issue is? Right, no Discharge Pump! If you don't have a spa that can drain straight down or there is no discharge pump installed, the spa might not drain at all!

So what if I want to install the Pump Later?

You can definitely install the discharge pump, but we don't recommend it as it difficult and a big hassle. Since pedicure chairs are assembled after you order them, the manufacturer will install the drain pump for you.

Some of the steps to add it yourself:

  • Purchase a pump Kit which is usually more expensive than pre-installed
  • Install the pump by Opening the Chair
  • Do the plumbing and connection of the lines
  • Install Mechanism for a button to drain your Pedicure Bowl when needed
  • Possibly void the warranty

As you can tell, there are a lot of things you could mess up if you aren't experienced in plumbing or mechanics. We wouldn't want to void our warranty by messing with it ourselves either. The safest bet is to opt for the discharge pump at the purchase of the pedicure chair. Even if you are not sure if you will 100% need one, it will usually make your spa drain faster anyway!


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