Big ticket items, small flexible payments

Big ticket items, small flexible payments

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Whale Spa

Whale Spa Inc. Spa Chairs

Whale Spa creates high-end spa equipment and beauty supply at a great price paired with great customer service. Top-tier nail salons and spas and their customers praise Whale Spa's excellence in beautiful and functional design.

Pedicure Chairs Made in the USA

Most of Whale Spa's elegant spa furniture and pedicure chair collections are made to rigorous high-quality standards at their Los Angeles, Garden Grove CA facilities. All Whale Spa items are handcrafted with the finest care and close attention to detail.

Please contact us if you're looking to place an order. We'll get an estimate of how long the equipment will be in the making. If there is a lot of time before the chairs are sent on their way to your salon we'll message you through email to inform you, before making the sale.

Some of the beauty supply accessories and stools are produced overseas to meet or exceed industry requirements.

Great Warranty Program

They stand behind their work with a limited 2-year warranty on pedicure chairs and a 3-year warranty on real leather choices. This makes the price of a Whale Spa chair worth the cost.

Award-Winning USA Spa Equipment

For decades they've operated a solid business in the Garden Grove CA sun. 25 years they've been dedicated to keeping on the cutting edge of innovation, originality, and quality. As generations pass along traditions and the business grew far bigger than Garden Grove.

Their consistency is one of the main reasons why they kept on producing solid collections of comfortable beauty supply.

Whale Spa Shop & Showrooms

Whale Spa is easy to contact because they have around 15 showrooms all over the US where you can visit and have a look at their beauty supply for sale in person.

When you are more remote then you can simply shop from www.ChairsThatGive, and get the same price. Or even cheaper from us with our regular free shipping sale. Contact us now for a price quote and we'll be happy to assist you! Or if you need help placing your order we're just an email away!

Great spa chair design

Luxurious but functional spas and pedicure chairs surpass the highest quality requirements and cosmetics standards. Take a look at the product photos and see for yourself that Whale Spa will meet all of your salon furniture demands at a great price.

The inventive design team from Garden Grove CA really has the capacity to create amazing furnishings and true bespoke leather work.

Awesome customer feedback

Read a review from other people about their experience with some of their products. Or message us to talk about the products you need to send your place