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Pedicure Basin - Portable & Plumbless Pedicure Baths

No Hoses, No Pumps & No Connectors

These truly portable and plumb-free pedicure basins can truly be called the world's most eco-friendly, easy-to-use, but fully functional version of a foot spa. They are ready for your clients to fully relax and enjoy the pleasure of the feet massaging water. Enjoy all the features and benefits of a regular pedicure spa without all the cleaning, plumbing, and excessive water consumption.

A truly portable pedicure bath comes with most of the features you would expect in a traditional, large pedicure unit, but without the chair. This makes it truly portable but also perfectly fit for saving space in smaller pedicure spa spaces. Whether you need it for a poolside spa session, to go on around in your local retirement community, or for your own compact pedicure studio, it's the ideal solution! The compact and lightweight design are perfect for performing professional pedicure services anywhere you go!

Note the difference between a portable pedi spa and a plumb-free pedicure chair. While plumb-free chairs are also much more portable than those that aren't, they are still pretty heavy and bulky to move around. We wrote a bit more about the difference in our blog post: 'The Difference Between a Plumb Free Pedicure Chair & a Portable Pedicure Spa'.

Equip your salon with one of the best truly portable pedicure spas on the market at affordable prices!