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Pibbs Industries

Pibbs Industries is a global leader in the manufacturing industry in the field of the salon, beauty, and spa equipment.
The Petruccelli family embarked on an adventure that began on a stormy sea. For many years, those tumultuous waters would represent the surroundings.

As hairstyling and fashion became increasingly demanding, the Petruccelli Group established its roots in the 1950s. Hairstylists had stronger requirements, and the Petruccelli family was one of them.
The Petruccelli Group found pleasure, employment, and life in hairdressing. After a series of salon openings, an idea germinated. This concept was to collaborate in order to create a company that would provide more practical and inventive styles to the market.

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The Petruccellis transitioned from hairdressing to selling beauty items in a tiny garage no bigger than a bedroom. Traveling mile after mile across one of the world's greatest cities, showing and selling things directly in salons, was not simple in the 1950s. When the first "Petruccelli International Beauty and Barber Supply" store opened in the 1960s, the hard work continued. The Petruccelli Group fostered a collaborative environment in which hairdressers could always find a companion who understood their needs. From humble beginnings, a regular import-export of professional beauty products and equipment was established. The Petruccelli Group developed its personal service concept into "Pibbs Industries" in 1964. This development allowed the company to create everything a hairstylist needs. That initial comb, brush, and set of shears, as well as that modest garage, were the start of what the company has become 40 years later. 

In the United States, Petruccelli is one of the leading providers of cosmetics. Pibbs Industries, on the other hand, has grown to become the world's largest manufacturer of salon, beauty, and spa equipment. Their global headquarters in New York spans over 150,000 square feet and houses production, distribution, and administrative offices. The Petruccelli family continues to work together with great pride and commitment to create a future filled with new and inventive goods and avant-garde style, as well as educate the professional on new hair, skin, and nail care products.

One of the World's Leading Manufacturers of Salon, Beauty, and Spa Equipment

Chairs That Give is confident in the quality and attention that goes into Pibbs equipment, and knows that Pibbs equipment provides outstanding first impressions in salons and spas all around the world! Check out our comprehensive selection of Pibbs salon equipment and we promise you, it won't disappoint you. Because of its practical, creative goods and avant-garde designs, the New York-based salon and spa equipment behemoth has become a favorite among beauty industry experts. American-made salon styling chairs, barber chairs, and pedicure spas contribute to the company's appeal. The Capo Barber Chair, Cosmo Chair, and Cloud 9 Styling Chair are among the most popular items. Despite the high-quality and long-lasting nature of Pibbs salon furniture, the costs are still moderate and economical.