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Big ticket items, small flexible payments

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Spa Pedicure Chairs For Sale

Spa Pedicure Chairs Wholesale Pricing

We carry a wide selection of modern and luxury pedicure chairs from reliable North American manufacturers.

We offer high-quality products and collections, that are designed & made in the USA & Canada, custom-built according to your requirements.
By focusing on local manufacturers, we can assure the highest quality pedicure chair equipment & after-sales service

The nail salon professionals at have carefully selected and curated a wide range of the best salon equipment in the US and Canadian market.

No-Plumbing Pedicure Chairs

Also called plumbing free.

These are truly plumb-free units that are easy to install and usually work with a removable basin that you can easily empty in a nearby drain, or with disposable liners.

Portable Pedicure Chair

Not all plumb-free units are easily movable, some are still really bulky & heavy so that you can't move around your salon that easily. A lot of stores online tend to intermingle the two terms, which causes confusion. Truly portable spas are typically without any actual seating, and sometimes with a separate foot stand.

There are spa tub & lightweight seat combinations on the market as well. But most often, mobile spas are a foot spa or foot tub, often also with jets to give your clients a comforting foot treatment. Read more about the difference by clicking here.

Kids' Pedicure Chair

A children's tub can provide the best pedicure mother-daughter bonding experience for a perfect girls-day out.

Pedicure Thrones

For special occasions.
Imagine mother and daughter next to each other, the princess in a children's spa, and, of course, queens belong in pedicure thrones.

Shiatsu Massage Seating

Most of our pedicures have massage built into the seat.
Even shampoo and backwash units nowadays frequently have a vibration function.
You can also order a stand-alone massage chair or replacement chair tops from us.

A massage chair comes with a state-of-the-art shiatsu massage system that provides your customers with several massage functions from the comfort of their seat: shiatsu massage, kneading, flapping, knocking, compression, percussion, and rolling.

A lot of the massage chairs for sale on our website allow your client to customize their shiatsu massage experience with a handheld remote without moving from their seat. Customers really love this feature, and it can truly set your spa apart from the competition.

Prices for Wholesale Spa Equipment

Our pedicure stationsare available in many colors, styles, sizes, and options for you to choose from. This ensures salons can really find a good fit for their salon space.

We, or our manufacturers, can't have warehouses stacked with pedicures in hundreds of variations, or we would have to search through the pile of pedis to find the right one according to your custom order.

So, for this reason, they are almost always custom-built. This means they are built-to-order, locally, in durable materials according to your preferences and within your budget. Read more about custom-made pedicure spas here.

Affordable Pedicure Chairs

We don't carry cheap pedicure chairs and used pedicure chairs, due to sanitary & reliability reasons mostly, read more here. Our aim is to make sure to present you the lowest prices you can find on the web, and we often run free shipping promos. 

Buying quality pays off in the long run. You are running a business and need to see this as an investment in your business, which you can write off over time and deduct from your taxes.

Spa Equipment Accessories

Many of the pedicures that we have for sale come with technician stools included.
At least 1 tech chair per pedi order is usually included in the sale. We also carry a wide range of accessories.

We also offer a matching reception desk, customer chair, or styling chairs to really kit out your beauty salon nicely with fitting and luxury spa salon furniture.

There are also several convenient salon packages where the necessary accessories are included for you.

Nail Salon Packages

If you are after a salon furniture package, then we also have a wide range of them available. These are perfect for people who quickly want to start their own beauty salon, without having to spend hours going through the selection process to find the best rated pedicure chairs.

But none really have styling chairs, since this is more suited for a hair salon, but most have areception desk or client chair included.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do pedicure chairs cost?

This depends on the brand and model that you are looking at, and ranges anywhere between $1,000 and $15,000.

How long do pedicure chairs last?

They can last you 10–30 years, or they can die in 1-3 years. This greatly depends on the type of chair, price, and maintenance and care you give it.

How does a pipeless pedicure chair work? What does "pipeless spa chair" mean? What is a pipeless pedicure chair?

Due to technology upgrades, only older models still have the classic pipe model. This means a lot of moving parts that can clog or cause trouble. Almost every contemporary spa chair has removed this hassle, click to read more.

What is the difference between a pipeless pedicure chair and a classic one?

As per the question above, click this link to read more.

How big is a pedicure chair?

This, too, will greatly depend on the brand and model you plan to buy. The more money you spend does not always mean the bigger the chair will be. They range from portable chairs to full-fledged pedicure spa thrones to really treat people like royalty!

What are manicure chairs used for?

Manicure chairs probably refer to the customer chairs or technician stools to do manicures from. These are much more lightweight and can be easily moved around your salon to your different nail table stations.