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Infinity Shiatsu Foot Massager

Infinity Shiatsu Foot Massager w/ RockerTech™

The Infinity Shiatsu Foot and Calf Massager is the ideal technique to relax the feet after a long day at work. This foot and calf massager machine will massage your ankles from head to toe, allowing you to reduce tension and pain. Our Shiatsu foot and calf massager uses deep air pressure to stimulate blood flow, resulting in better circulation and pain alleviation. The foot massager not only allows you to stroll pleasantly deep tissue, but it also includes a heat function that assists you in totally relaxing your muscles. Choose the heat feature to enjoy this spa treatment in the privacy of your own home. When you are in excruciating pain or have been exposed to the elements for an extended period of time, heat may be quite beneficial.

A deep-fried roller and air massage can help fatigued and beginning legs. Infinity Shiatsu combines tapping and vibration to lengthen the length of the foot and calf massage. The foot massager was created with your comfort in mind, and it is really simple to operate. When using Shiatsu Therapy Mode, the LCD screen allows you to conveniently select the heat function. Adjust the intensity and pace to your liking and have fun. The foot massager is extremely simple to clean and maintain. It includes detachable and washable covers, allowing you to effortlessly remove them for cleaning if necessary.

Get relaxing compression all the way around your leg and squeeze away stress in your feet. Choose from the options Soothe, Relax, or Refresh. To stimulate pressure points on the foot, RockerTech utilizes a tapping massage on the heel mixed with deep-kneading Shiatsu rollers. Heat is an alternative for loosening stiff muscles and enhancing massage.

Infinity is committed to holistic wellbeing, creating goods that will assist you in achieving the lifestyle you desire. The purpose of Infinity is to “unlimit” you as a person, removing the constraints that prevent you from living your greatest life. Our leg massagers offer more than only to reduce aches, pains, and swelling in the legs caused by strenuous sports activities. It may also aid in the prevention of future injuries. The advantages are enhanced when the massage is combined with regular leg workouts. Your legs will become more flexible, which will help you prevent sports and workout-related leg injuries. The use of a foot master in conjunction with regular foot workouts will assist you in developing arches in your feet. You will notice the outcomes if you try it. 

Infinity Shiatsu Highlights

  • RockerTech™
  • Optional Heat
  • Air Massage
  • 3 Auto Programs
  • Manual Mode

Infinity Shiatsu Dimensions

  • Dimensions:
    • Height:10.28"
    • Width: 15.35"
    • Length: 16.14"
  • Weight: 16.60 lbs.

    Infinity Shiatsu Warranty

    • 1-Year In-Home Repair or Replace

    Owner's Manual

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