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Gulfstream Venice Spa & Pedicure Chair with Waterdance System

Gulfstream Venice Spa & Shiatsu Roller-Back Massage Pedicure Chair with Waterdance System 

Gulfstream's Venice is another new pedicure spa chair that makes use of the innovative Waterdance System from Gulfstream Inc.

The uniquely shaped bowl immerses your clients' feet in water with a temperature that is maintained at the perfect level while they can have the tickling water bubbles sensations from the Airpad giving them a truly relaxing experience.

The innovative heat & Ozonator technology prevents any cross contamination and ensures a 100% sanitary pedicure session, time after time again. Simply replace the $0.65 Airpad and place a new liner in the bowl and you are good to go again!

The Gulfstream 9660 massage chairs give your customers a state of the art shiatsu roller back massage. The chair follows the contours of their spine and applies pressure to all the right spots like not many other roller systems on the market can do. It will bring pure joy to your customers while you are treating their feet. 



  • State of the Art Shiatsu-Roller Back Massage Chair
  • Gulfstream Waterdance System
  • World's First Heat & Ozonator Technology
  • No Jet to clean, Easy to install One-Time Use
  • No Cross-contamination to Keep Things 100% Sanitized
  • Peel, Stick, Connect, Use, Dispose
  • A Convenient & Efficient System

Venice Spa Pedicure Chair Dimensions

 Gulfstream Venice Dimensions

Owner Instructions & Installations Manual


Massage Chair Type & Color Options

Gulfstream 9660 Massage Chairs -

Base Laminate Option


Bowl Color

• Due to photographic and scanning/printing processes, all displayed colors shown may vary slightly from the actual color of the items.
• Due to our continuing efforts to develop new and improved products may cause any and all specifications to change without notice.
• Reflected bowl colors not exactly as shown. Glass contains a reflection which refracts different colors.

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