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Gulfstream Super Relax Spa & Pedicure Chair with Waterdance System

Gulfstream Super Relax Spa & Shiatsu Roller-Back Massage Pedicure Chair with Waterdance System

Experience True Luxury with the New Super Relax Waterdance pedicure Spa Chair from Gulfstream. It has a very premium look and the stunning crystal bowl reflects the sophistication of the leather that's been used in making this chair. Besides its great appearances, it is a very reliable and comfortable unit as well and is suitable for a lot of different situations such as manicure, pedicure, waxing, facial, and eyelash extensions.

It comes equipped with the latest technology multi-massage & jet systems giving your customers a full soothing body massage making it a total relaxation unit. It boasts three different options for its massage. Customers can choose with their own remote which type of massage they want: roller massage, vibrating massage, or without massage.


The sliding arms on this unit make for easy accessibility to the chair itself and your customer’s feet can be elevated to a comfortable position for technicians.
The material is easy to clean and maintain, see a PDF at the owner's instructions section below. 


  • Luxurious, Reliable, Comfortable
  • Great for Manicure, Pedicure, Waxing, Facial, & Eyelash Extensions
  • Two Separate Remote Controls, 1 For the Customer & 1 for the Technician
  • Elevate Your Customer’s feet to a Comfortable Position You
  • State of the Art Shiatsu-Roller Back Massage Chair
  • Gulfstream Waterdance System
  • World's First Heat & Ozonator Technology
  • No Jet to clean, Easy to install One-Time Use
  • No Cross-contamination to Keep Things 100% Sanitized

Super Relax Spa Pedicure Chair Dimensions

  •  Coming soon

Owner Instructions & Installations Manual



Bowl Color

• Due to photographic and scanning/printing processes, all displayed colors shown may vary slightly from the actual color of the items.
• Due to our continuing efforts to develop new and improved products may cause any and all specifications to change without notice.
• Reflected bowl colors not exactly as shown. Glass contains a reflection which refracts different colors.

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