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Belava Performer Nail Tech Stool

Belava Performer Nail Tech Stool - Low or Medium Pump

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Comfort, Durability, and Style collide in this Beleva Performer Nail Tech Stool which will surely be appreciated by every nail technician. This stool is made for extended pedicure sessions; it offers excellent lower back support, is low to the ground or medium height, and is adjustable to let the technician find their most comfortable position.


  • Aluminum Base
  • Durable Wheels
  • Adjustable height (Low Pump) 14'' from the floor to 17"
  • Adjustable height (Medium Pump) 17'' from the floor to 22"
  • Great Lumbar Support
  • Made with a Wide 16'' seat, 3" Foam Thickness
  • Custom Upholstery Colors at a $20 fee

Color Options

Belava Performer Pedicure Spa Stool - Color Options -
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